Boom! From THE STAGE “The Laughing Salesman”, which raised exclamation that “Sato Ryuji would act as Moguro Fukuzo⁉︎” along with the announcement of the stage adaption determination, the visual of Sato Ryuji dressed as Moguro has been unveiled. He lift the corners of his mouth and has bright red lips, which are stylish but eerie. And his mysteriously glowing big eyes that are looking into us have a high impact.

“The Laughing Salesman” is a black humor manga byFujiko Fujio A.
The main character, the mysterious salesman Moguro Fukuzo, approaches customers who have various desires, and gives them things and opportunities to fulfill their wishes. The stories scathingly satirize the human ego that they will be happy for a while by those, but will ruin their lives all in allwhen they break their promises with him or don't listen to his advice.

Tamura Shogo acts as Kotegiri Go in the musical “Touken Ranbu”, Yamazaki Shogo who acted as Imaizumi Shunsuke onthis stage “Yowamushi Pedal” New Interscholastic Athletic Meet FINAL – POWER OF BIKE -, and idiosyncratic others will perform for this stage, which raises expectations.

THE STAGE “The Laughing Salesman” is a black humorous entertainment that incorporates singing and dancing, sometimes laughs and sometimes chills, that no one has ever seen. Tickets will be generally available from Mar. 29.

(C) Fujiko Studio / The Laughing Salesman New Production Committee