AbemaTV, an Internet TV station that can be enjoyed for free, will be celebrating its 4th anniversary on Apr. 11. To celebrate, they will hold a “Broadcast 〇〇 Anniversary” by releasing 7 popular anime series for free.

“Abema Video”'s “Broadcasting 〇〇 Anniversary”'s free anime line-up will include 7 anime celebrating their own broadcasting anniversaries in April. The 13th anniversary of “Hayate the Combat Butler”, the 10th anniversary of “Mayoi Neko Overrun!”, the 8th anniversary of “Accel World”, the 7th anniversary of “The Devil Is a Part-Timer!”, the 6th anniversary of “Is the Order a Rabbit?”, the 5th anniversary of “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?” and the 3rd anniversary of “Eromanga Sensei”.
All episodes will be distributed free of charge, starting from their original “episode 1 broadcast date”, which will provide a great opportunity to enjoy celebrating their anniversaries.

“Broadcasting 〇〇 Anniversary Popular Anime Free Streaming” will be distributed sequentially starting from Hayate the Combat Butler (13th anniversary), which was broadcast on midnight Apr. 1.