A special class to learn how to “overcome difficulties” from the unrevealed mistakes of the anime “Mobile Suit Gundam” was held on “Shikujiri-sensei Ore Mitai ni Naruna!!” (Failure Teacher: Don't follow my footsteps!) Mar. 27, 2020, broadcast. The complete version of the special class, explaining the mistakes Amuro made, is available on “Abema Video”.

“Mobile Suit Gundam” was terminated for the realistic settings?

The class started with Kazlaser revealing the surprising failure of “Mobile Suit Gundam”, which is now super popular. “The show was terminated due to the declining popularity and sales of the toys.”
He analyzes the reason for this failure as, “The robot animes of the time, distinctively separated right from wrong and that made it refreshing. Gundam wasn't the show the children expected.”
He added, “The terminology of the story was complicated, and the appearance of the various characters didn't make it easier. Children were left without words,” while looking back at the broadcast of the anime.

He listed the 4 failures, “1. The protagonist is unloveable,” “2. There are no special moves,” “3. There are more than a few episodes that Gundam doesn't play an active role in,” and “4. The rival (Char Aznable) is complex,” explaining each of them along with images from the anime.
He says that having no “special moves”, which were a crucial part of the robot animes of the time, and the complex theme, which was later announced by the production staff, of “Why do humans keep having wars?” were the reasons why the children quit watching the show, and unraveled the realistic settings and depictions hidden all over the story.

The show is loved for depicting “the end of a war”!

Many failures were revealed in the show. However, Kazlaser declares that this is the reason why Gundam is loved by fans for 40 years. The lesson to be learned is, “Not following the existing success stories is the only way to come up with an overwhelming piece of work.”

At the end of the show, Kazlazer finished the class with a strong message from the Gundam series, “I kept saying this is a realistic anime, but there is one thing that is not at all real. The ending of the war. In real life, there are still ongoing wars. There may have never been a time in human history where there were no wars. However, in the Gundam series, the war always ends. The story finishes with the end of a war. Gundam is not a depiction of a war, but a depiction of the ending of a war. It keeps telling us that 'Humans are foolish and we keep on fighting each other,' but also praises our indomitable soul and says, 'Humans aren't as bad as we think we are.'”

The complete version of the special class is now available at “Abema Video”. It introduces the protagonist Amuro in a unique perspective with segments such as “Amuro is actually ___” and “He might be right by you? Amuros in daily life”, which explains his failures.