Volumes 1 to 13 of the manga “Neon Genesis Evangelion” by Sadamoto Yoshiyuki are now available for free on “ebookjapan”. You can now enjoy another “Eva” story before the cinematic release of “Evangelion: 3.0+1.0” (Jun. 27, 2020).

The manga in question is by Sadamoto Yoshiyuki, who also served as the character designer for “Neon Genesis Evangelion” and “Rebuild of Evangelion”.
In 2000AD, a meteorite crashed in Antarctica. Thus, the greatest catastrophe in human history, the “Second Impact” occurred. Fifteen years later, humanity is faced with a new crisis. “Angels” attack. In order to oppose the angels, humanity has developed a general-purpose humanoid weapon of war, the “Evangelion”. And so, the battle of “three boys and girls” chosen to pilot the Evangelion begins.

The “Neon Genesis Evangelion” manga volumes 1 to 13 are distributed for free through “ebookjapan”.