The products related to the new smartphone game “Disney Twisted Wonderland”, which started distribution on Mar. 18, were released on the same day through “Disney Store Online”

“Disney Twisted Wonderland” is a school adventure game that depicts the true appearance of various villains taken from Disney's library of work. Under the cooperation of Walt Disney Japan, the original draft, main scenario, and character design were handled by Toboso Yana, known for the manga “Kuroshitsuji” ( Black Butler ).

The goods included a postcards and stickers that must be completed, and a secret clear file that contains one of the 8 illustrations from this line-up. All beautiful characters were drawn by Toboso Yana.

Also, if you purchase “Disney Twisted Wonderland” related items from the Disney Online store a “Night Raven College Admission Guide” will be included with your purchase. Here you will find an introduction to the gameplay, and a manga that illustrates the daily life of the Night Raven College students drafted by Toboso.

The three types of “Disney Twisted Wonderland” goods were released on Mar. 18 through the Disney Online Store. The price is 200JPY (excluding tax) for the secret clear file (8 types), 150JPY for each sticker (excluding tax), and 100JPY for each postcard (excluding tax).

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