It’s been announced that special visual boards drawn by “TYPE-MOON x ufotable” will be distributed during the first week of the theatrical release of “Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel III. spring song” (theatrical release Mar. 28). There will be two types, distributed at random.

One of the visual boards will feature a character draft of Shirou Emiya drawn by Takeuchi Takashi. While the other features Sakura Matou – Makiri’s Grail- (also known as Dark Sakura overseas), drawn by director Sudou Tomonori.

It has also been decided that chapters 1 and 2 will be broadcast through both television and the internet. Chapter 2 will first be broadcast nationwide across 15 different channels, as well as through AbemaTV and NicoNico Live.
The first chapter will be aired on each channel after 18:30 on Mar. 15, while the second chapter will be aired the following week after 18:30 on Mar. 22. Please check the official website for detailed information regarding the broadcasting times.

Additionally, the website has launched the “Let’s all watch the Sakura” campaign. Fans are meant to use the associated hashtag #FateHF桜を見守る会 (#FATEHF Sakura Watching Party) with pictures that got a spring-like feeling. More downloadable content will be made available in response to the number of tweets posted with the hashtag. In addition, a collaboration campaign will be held at Lawson stores starting from Mar. 15.

“Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel III. spring song” is scheduled to be released on Mar. 28, 2020.