It has been revealed that Fujiwara Keiji, Ishida Yuriko, Ono Daisuke, Park Romi, Nakamura Yuichi, and Souma Sato will be the voice actors for Japanese dubbing of movie “Doctor Dolittle” (Premiere on Mar. 20, 2020).

The movie “Doctor Dolittle” is an action-adventure renewed movie created by the team and cast of “Alice in Wonderland” and “Maleficent”, based on the 100-years best-seller beloved all over the world.

The main character is Doctor Dolittle, who can talk with animals, played by Robert Downey Jr, an actor famous for his role as “Ironman” and “Sherlock Holmes”. Directed by Academy Award-winning Stephen Gaghan, and many of the cast in animal roles are also Academy Award-winners.

The Japanese dubbed video that was released, shows a scene of the determined Doctor Dolittle departing on a big adventure..

Doctor Dolittle, played by Downey Jr., dubbed by Fujiwara Keiji, Ishida Yurika is playing as the parrot Polynesia, Ono Daisuke as a timid gorilla Chee-Chee, Park Romi is dubbing careless duck, Nakamura Yuichi as a cold polar bear Yoshi, and Saito Souma is playing dog who wears glasses. Here you can enjoy acting animals and unique interactions.

The movie “Doctor Dolittle” will be released nationwide from Mar. 20, 2020.

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