Tsuburaya production will be officially launching a new supporters service “TSUBURAYA MEMBERSHIP CLUB” for those Tsuburaya fans who “want to further enjoy Tsuburaya works”. Various benefits such as opportunities to be cast as an extra in Tsuburaya's productions, the chance to purchase exclusive goods, and lottery invitations.

“TSUBURAYA MEMBERSHIP CLUB” is a supporters service established to serve as a “bond” between Tsuburaya production and the fans who want to further enjoy their works.
They have plans to allow members to join the production as extras and offer the experience to support Tsuburaya works as an official supporter. The benefits are not only opportunities to be closely engaged with their works, but there are also; advanced sales and discounts of tickets for events, sales of exclusive goods, and invitations to events.

As a commemoration for the launching of the service, they will hold “Presents for 78 & Invitation Event”. Also, they will be distributing digital wallpapers signed by Inoue Yuuki (as the protagonist Kudou Hiroyuki from “Ultraman Taiga”) to the new members.

They are scheduling digital contents such as “Kaijuu no Sumika” motion wallpapers, members exclusive sales of original T-shirts designed by Nanase Kou (as Kirisaki from “Ultraman Taiga”), and more.

They are now recruiting members at “TSUBURAYA MEMBERSHIP CLUB” for a monthly fee of 100JPY (tax included) or a yearly fee of 1,000JPY (tax included).