From the “14th Seiyu Awards”, some of the winner were announced in advanceof the award ceremony on Mar. 7, 2020. The “Merit Award” goes to Yada Minoru and Kousaka Makoto, “Tomiyama Kei Memorial Award” goes to Mizushima Yuu, and “Takahashi Kazue Memorial Award” goes to Fukami Rika.

“Seiyu Awards” is the largest event in the voice actor industry where the most active, most popular, most talented voice actors of the year, and the veteran voice actors that have been active for many years gathere together.

This year is the 14th awarding,and the “Merit Awards” that is given to the voice actor who has contributed to various genres including behind the scene for many years goes to Yada Minori ( Professor Shikishima from “Tetsujin 28-go”) and Kousaka Makoto (Oka Hiromi from “Aim for the Ace!”).
The “Tomiyama Kei Memorial Award” (Voice actor active in various categories including appearance in works) goes to Mizushima Yuu (Myoujin Takeru/ Mars from “Six God Combination Godmars”), and “Takahashi Kazue Memorial Award” (Voice actress active in various categories including appearance in works) goes to Fukami Rika (Aino Minako/ Sailor Venus from “Sailer Moon”).
The “Special Achievement Award” is given to the voice actor that has passed away during the year.

The award ceremony for the “14th Seiyu Awards” will be held in Media Plus Hall, Nippon Culture Broadcasting, Tokyo on Mar. 7, 2020.
Furthermore, the second “Seiyu Awards” introduction program “Chou! A&G+ Special 'Mikami Shiori's Seiyu Award Introduction #2'” featuring Mikami Shiroi, will be broadcast in “Chou! A&G+” on Feb. 28.

14th Seiyu Awards Advanced Announcement-List of winners
Merit Award: Yada Minoru, Kousaka Makoto
Tomiyama Kei Memorial Award: Mizushima Yuu
Takahashi Kazue Memorial Award: Fukami Rika