The post-apocalyptic future survival series that recorded 6 million in sales, “7SEEDS” by Tamura Yumi anime adaptation will receive a 2nd season set to be streamed on Netflix on Mar. 26, 2020. In conjunction with the announcement, the 3rd round of key visuals has also been released.

The story revolves around the “7SEEDS project”, aimed to give continuity to the human race after a calamity strikes the earth, through cryonic preservation of young and healthy humans. The plot unfolds following the struggles of the young characters chosen for this project as they try to adapt to the new world.

Along with the announcement of the 2nd season of the anime, the release date was also announced to be Mar. 26, 2020. The 3rd round of key visuals features the Summer B and Summer A survivor groups walking forward side by side.

The anime “7SEEDS” is currently being streamed as an original anime series by Netflix. It is also available on TOKYO MX, BS Fuji, and J:TV's “Aniobi”.

(C)2019 Tamura Yumi-Shogakukan/7SEEDS Project