The broadcast date of the anime series “Ascendance of a Bookworm” Part 2 is decided from Apr. 4, 2020. The key visual depicting new characters and a promotional video were revealed.

The original work for “Ascendance of a Bookworm” is a novel written by Kazuki Miya and illustrated by Shiina Yuu. It was made into an anime series and Part 1 was aired in Oct. 2019.

A young girl named Myne was reincarnated into a word where books are highly valued. In order to create books, she creates paper through plants but her body is being worn away by “Devouring’s Fever”.

In this world where the nobles have magical powers, at times commoners are born with this magic. This is called “Devouring”. Without magical tools to suppress the constantly growing magic, one cannot live for long.

Myne discovers the library of the shrine during a baptism and presents her request to become a shrine maiden directly to the head priest. After a long argument, Myne was able to become an apprentice to the blue-colored shrine maiden dedicated to magic. However, there are many who don’t agree with the commoner Myne being allowed to wear the “blue robes” given to nobles, so her journey will have many difficulties in the future. Attending the problematic children, the class society of the shrine…The rules of the shrine, which are different from both when she was Urano and when she lived downtown, hinder Myne. Will there every be a day when Myne can read to her heart’s pleasure? And will she be able to create books?

In the newly revealed key visual, Myne and Ferdinand stand in the center with Lutz, Benno, Tuuli, as well as Delia, Gil, and Fran who they will meet at the shrine, the setting of Part 2. Footage from the series are used here and there in the promotional commercial.

The anime series “Ascendance of a Bookworm” Part 2 will air on Asahi Broadcasting Corporation from Apr. 4, 2020 and on TOKYO MX and others from Apr. 8.

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