A new collection inspired by the fashion brand “Fusae Brand” from the “Detective Conan” movie is here. “Shoulder bags”, “big Boston bags”, “key cases”, “pouches”, and “bandana scarves” are available for preorders at “Bancolle!”.

The new collection includes five different items with a base color of a gentle gray, and soft as the sunlight filtered by the tree leaves in summer.
The “shoulder bag” is a compact size with a light pink color scheme and a zippered inner pocket. The “Big Boston Bag” is a big size suitable for traveling and outdoor activities, with the backside attachable to a carry bag.

The “key case” has a simple design with only the ginkgo leaf on the front, while the Fusae brand's name is engraved on the inner part with gold foil stamping.
The “pouch” is a large size made of light nylon, very easy to use. The “bandana scarf” has an original design that incorporates the motif of ginkgo leaves and keys with the monogram “FC” standing for “Fusae Campbell”.

All prices are tax-included; “shoulder bag” 12,100 yen, “big Boston bag” 13,200 yen, “key case” 4,950 yen, “pouch” 4,070 yen, and “bandana scarf” 3,300 yen.
Preorders are available on “Bancolle!” until 23:00 on Mar. 1, 2020, with shipping scheduled within the same month.

(C) Aoyama Goushou / Shogakukan, Yomiuri TV, TMS 1996