“Attack on Titan”, “Detective Conan”, “Lupin the Third”, and “Monster Hunter” assembled at “Universal Cool Japan 2020”, an event held in Universal Studio Japan, is now open from Jan. 21, 2020.
The total of 4 popular titles both in Japan and abroad has been used in the rides, live shows, restaurants and other features in the park to create a new experience where the guests can enjoy the world of those works.

“Attack on Titan” Let’s enjoy 2 completely new experiences!
For “Attack on Titan”, “Attack on Titan XR Ride” and “Attack on Titan The Cafeteria of the Survey Corps” were created as completely new experiences, and as a collaboration to celebrate 10th anniversary of the original manga.

“Attack on Titan XR Ride” is a VR roller coaster which the guests submerge themselves in the world of “despair”, and run through the world with great momentum, together with the Survey Corps. This VR roller coaster is the first one to be made in the history of this work. “Attack on Titan The Cafeteria of the Survey Corps” is a theme restaurant where the weapons and belongings of the members of the Survey Corps has been placed randomly, and the guests can enjoy “the survey corps’ leisure time” with great reality.

FBI agent “Akai Shuuichi/Okiya Subaru”, who appears in “Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet” arrives in the park for the first time
In “Detective Conan World”, FBI agent “Akai Shuuichi/Okiya Subaru”, who also appears in the latest movie “Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet” (release date: Apr. 17, 2020), arrived for the first time in the park.
The total of 4 contents, including the first story roller coaster “Detective Conan×Hollywood Dream the Ride”, has been placed in the park.

In “Detective Conan the Escape: The track of the Scarlet Bullet”, the original prequel of the movie will be performed in the live performance with the real casts and special effects. In addition, in “Detective Conan×Hollywood Dream the Ride”,the guests can feel thrills as if they are actually on Akai’s car on the ride, and they can submerge into the story and enjoy the speed of the ride at the same time.

Also in “Detective Conan Mystery Challenge”, together with the real cast of “Hattori Heiji” and “Tooyama Kazuha”, “Ooka Momiji”, who is Kazuha love rival, appeared for the first time. In “Detective Conan Mystery Restaurant”, the real casts of “Amuro Tooru” and “Suzuki Sonoko” will be joined by “Akai”‘s sister, “Sera Masumi”.

“Lupin the Third”: Everyone from the Lupin clan assembles! It will be played by the real casts
“Lupin the Third the Live” will be performed by the real casts as all the member of the Lupin clan. Starting with “Lupin the Third”, “Jigen Daisuke”, “Ishikawa Goemon”, “Mine Fujiko” arrived at the park for the first time in the history, and “Detective Zenigata”, who chases Lupin, also arrived.

At “Lupin the Third Restaurante Amore”, where Lupin and his friends visit often, the nice, gentle, and “real Lupin the Third”, and the lone wolf “real Ishigawa Goemon”, who cannot communicate with ladies well, appear in the front of the guests. The guests can enjoy real Italian menu and feel love toward the two men at the same time.

“Monster Hunter” Super “real hunting” became reality
From “Monster Hunter”, “Monster Hunter Wolrd: Iceborn XR WALK”, a completely new VR entertainment, is scheduled to be open from Mar. 20.
The experience and the excitement will make the guests forget about the real life, and extremely high quality will make the “super real hunting” a reality.

Universal Studio Japan’s “Universal Cool Japan 2020” will be held until Jun. 28, 2020.
Tickets for “Monster Hunter World: Iceborn XR WALK”, which will be held from Mar. 20, 2020 to Aug. 30, 2020, are available at Universal Studio Japan WEB Ticket Store.

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