To commemorate the 1st anniversary of “GUNDAM Cafe Fukuoka Branch” with the motif of “Mobile Suit Gundam”, limited anniversary drink is on sale since November 20, 2020.

A total of 3 anniversary drinks were announced.
“fortuneLatte GUNDAM Cafe Fukuoka Limited Edition” is “fortuneLatte”, a drink with a random illustration printed on the cover, with the limited edition illustration for the 1st-anniversary commemoration.
Do enjoy the famous quote from Mobile Suit Gundam” and “Mobile Suit Gundam 00” in Hakata dialect, such as “Bouya Yakensa (You’re still a boy)”, and “Shitatamentakunakatotte, Jibun Jishin no, Wakai Iutemachigoutotta Koto (I don’t want to admit it but I had said those immature words.)”.

“Chirorian Collaboration Clear Bottle with Drink” is a collaboration with a standard product, chirorian of Fukuoka snack manufacturer, Chidoriya Factory Co., Ltd. It comes with the Miyazaki mango & lassi style yogurt with the crushed mango chirorian as the topping. The bottle has a design of chirorian taste of Char’s personal Zaku.

For the collaboration product with Fukuoka Prefecture Mentaiko manufacturer is “Fukuya Collaboration Clear Bottle with Drink”, it will come in 2 types, which are “Mentaiko Potage” with the irresistible grain feelings of Mentaiko with the warm crouton potage, and “Mentaiko Milk Shake Style”, the bi-color collaboration between the cold milk shake and the spicy Mentaiko that will become a habit.
The bottle has the design of Char and Char’s personal Zaku as the cute Mentaiko.

“fortuneLatte GUNDAM Cafe Fukuoka Limited Edition” is priced at 648 JPY (tax included). “Chirorian Collaboration Clear Bottle with Drink” and “Fukuya Collaboration Clear Bottle with Drink- Mentaiko Potage/ Mentaiko Milk Shake Style” is priced at 1,430 JPY (tax included) each. All the products are available in “GUNDAM Cafe Fukuoka Branch” since November 20.

(C)Sotsu, Sunrise