To celebrate the 50th anniversary of ‘Doraemon’, big-scale ‘BE@RBRICK Doraemon’ with a total height of 28cm has first appeared. There are only a limited number of products and will be available via raffle, from Feb. 12, 2020 at the world’s first official Doraemon shop “Doraemon Future Department”.

“BE@RBRICK”, designed by Medicom Toy, is a bear-shaped block type figure under the concept of making “Digitalized Teddy Bear” which is made in Japan.
‘BE@RBRICK Doraemon 100% & 400%’ will be sold as a set. The set includes 100% size with a height of 7cm and 400% size with a height of 28cm.
It can be enjoyed as both interior decorations and collections, and is a must-check item for big Doraemon Fans.

Moreover, the first-batch of presales are available via raffle from a special website. Be aware that result will be announced on Feb.12 and will be sold only through ‘Doraemon Future Department’ to people who won the raffle.

The price of ‘BE@BRICK Doraemon 100% & 400%’ is 15,000 Yen (Tax Excluded). The product is available from Feb. 12, 2020 for the raffle-winners at the official shop, ‘Doraemon Future Department’.

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