The upcoming 3DCG Animated Movie "STAND BY ME Doraemon 2", will premier in Aug. 7,2020, celebrating 50th anniversary since the series started its publication. Yamazaki Takashi and Yagi Ryuichi are once again working together in the sequel, which is based on the chapter "Grandma's Memories" from volume 4 of the manga.

"STAND BY ME Doraemon" was released in 2014 and marks the first 3D animated Doraemon installment in history, celebrating the 80th birthday of the creator Fujiko F. Fujio. Recording a box office gross of 8.38 billion yen, the movie provided a unique outlook into the world of Doraemon and was a huge success due to its deeply emotional plot, which brought tears to even to grown-ups who watched it. The movie was a major hit with 100 million Yen outside of Japan.

"STAND BY ME Doraemon 2" outlines one of the most memorable chapters of the series, "Grandma's Memories", which director Yamazaki Takashi points out wanting to incorporate it the first movie. The director also mentioned plans to add original elements to the plot, which will unfold following the marriage between Nobita and Shizuka, revealed during the first movie.

In the present timeline where Doraemon exists, the story starts when Nobita finds a stuffed bear toy once fixed by his grandmother who passed away when he was still in kindergarten. Sudden tears don't stop falling from Nobita's face as he reminisces his beloved grandmother. He then proceeds to go back to the past by jumping into the Time Machine.
In the past, although initially hidden behind a bush, Nobita is carelessly found by his grandmother, which then takes an interest in meeting Nobita's future wife as the two catch up. The story takes place between the past, present and future timelines as Doraemon and Nobita travel in time to fulfill grandma's wish.

3DCG Anime Movie "STAND BY ME Doraemon 2" will premiere on Aug. 7, 2020.

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Screenplay, Director: Yamazaki Takashi
When "STAND BY ME Doraemon 2" production was decided, I was a little apprehensive in the beginning because we had used up almost all of the famous original plots from the manga.

The first movie was written on the premise that if we took a lot of different plots and fused them together into one, things would work out well, and they did in fact. However, when it came to the sequel, I honestly wasn't sure what to make out of it.

That's when I remembered about this one manga plot that we wanted to use in the first movie but were having a difficult time blending it, so we ultimately decided to leave it out. This was "Grandma's Memories". I really felt we could use it this time as a core of the plot.

This was no easy task though. I remember we took several insanely long meetings just to decide which direction to take it.

Although the original plot written by Fujiko is a short one, it had a lot of potential for expansion. The very core idea was then sprouted from the scene at the end of the plot, with the words from Nobita's grandmother: "I'm very curious about your future wife, I wish I could take a look at her". The entire story kicks off from that point. Nobita and Doraemon then proceed to take grandma to the future to see the grown-up version of Shizuka and the whole adventure unfolds from that. And of course, everything doesn't go exactly as planned, and after going through twists and turns, the characters rediscover the importance of family.

I feel immensely honoured to be part of this movie which is the celebration of 50th anniversary of the series. The movie is still under production, but I will make sure to get the staff to put in their best work in order to deliver a wonderful film to the audience.

Director Yagi Ryuichi
I can't believe we were finally able to announce "STAND BY ME Doraemon 2". It feels like destiny to be involved in movies that represent, firstly the celebration of Fujiko's 80th birthday and then now the 50th anniversary of the entire series.

The sequel movie outlines the meaning of living each 'day' in our lives.
By traveling back and forth in time and getting in trouble for overusing their gadgets, Doraemon and Nobita get to experience many 'days' and the meaning behind them in the process.

Our intention in the first movie was to make the spectators feel a sense of closeness to the world of Doraemon. When making the 3D version of the gadgets such as "Take-copter" and the "Anywhere Door" we always kept in mind the intention to convey a sense of 'playfulness'.

For the sequel, we want to scale this up even further by bringing even more gadgets, places, and other elements we couldn't in the first movie.

When we look back at some days in our lives, although as ordinary they might seem, there are always some tiny details and important memories we can recall. I think that Doraemon and Nobita will experience such a type of 'day' when they go back in the past to see grandma.

There are also days where something bad happens and we end in a bad mood, but when we're able to recall it later on as a good memory.

"STAND BY ME Doraemon 2" will showcase many types of 'days', that I'm sure audiences of all ages can relate to. Please do look forward to spending a wonderful 'day' at the theater next summer.

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