「Birthday」 by Mr. Children has been chosen as the theme song for『Doraemon: Nobita’s New Dinosaur』(release date Mar. 6, 2020). Staff have also revealed the movie poster and a teaser including the theme song.

『Doraemon: Nobita’s New Dinosaur』 is the 40th installment in the 『Doraemon the Movie』 series. The movie comes out in a significant year, the 50th anniversary of the beloved Japanese character Doraemon.
『Nobita’s New Dinosaur』 takes place 66 million years ago during the Cretaceous period, with a brand new original story that differs from『Doraemon: Nobita’s Dinosaur』, the first film in the series.

Mr. Children composed the theme song 「Birthday」 specifically for this movie. The grand and uplifting melody perfectly matches this adventurous tale filled with encounters and lends courage to Nobita and his friends.

『Doraemon: Nobita’s New Dinosaur』 will be shown in TOHO Cinemas nationwide starting Mar. 6, 2020.
Note: a 90-second long, first official trailer will air during the weekly episode on Nov. 23, 2019.

<Full transcript published below>
Mr. Children: Sakurai Kazutoshi

I remember it like it was yesterday.
When I was in fourth grade, my parents bought me Doraemon.
I got home, threw myself onto my bed, and found volumes 1 to 5 in the series, lined up in a neat row on the small shelf above my head.
I had mixed feelings about that gift, and with good reason.
At the time, I never studied and had never done any homework. I couldn’t write kanji and had never even read a book. Naturally, my report card was filled with 1s and 2s; P.E. was my only saving grace.
I’m sure my parents couldn’t simply let it pass and wanted to tell me to “start studying seriously.”
But they knew there was no way I would listen obediently, so instead of ordering me to study or read, they decided to say “let’s start small, give Doraemon a try.” I’m guessing that was their intention behind their purchase.
Although I was a child, I picked up on my parents’ complicated feelings and felt trapped. For a while I didn’t read or even open the books, and simply stared at the numbers 1 to 5 printed on the spines.
Much like a cautious cat who suddenly receives a toy, I fearfully opened the pages of Doraemon three days later. After that, I was lost in the pages.
That was my first reading experience. The first book that I fell in love with. The first book that moved me to tears.
Since then the numbers on the spines increased, and my collection of Doraemon could no longer fit my shelves. That is until I found music during the summer of my second year in junior high school.

I could go on about how Doraemon shaped my personality, but that’ll take too long so I’ll end my reminiscing here.
I am truly grateful for this fateful reunion on Doraemon’s 50th anniversary, which also happens to be the year I turn 50.
Writing music for Doraemon made me realize once again how “Doraemon’s existence, the story, and the project itself” comforts my weak and pitiful self, just like how Doraemon supports Nobita.

Definitely watch this film, and please listen to our song.

Sakurai Kazutoshi, Mr. Children

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