The world's first official shop for "Doraemon"–Doraemon Future Department Store–has been opened in DiverCity Tokyo in Odaiba, Tokyo on Dec. 1st.
The store is divided into three parts: a "Secret Gadget Laboratory", a "Customization Zone", and a "Shop Zone". These areas will offer experiences and things that you will not be able to acquire anywhere else.

The concept for the Doraemon Future Department Store is: "I'll help make your future a little better."
The Secret Gadget Lab is a corner where you can enjoy a game experience themed around Doraemon's gadgets. Gadgets such as the Anywhere Door, the Air Cannon, the Multiplication Liquid, the Hopter, and others, can be found installed in its respective areas in the store.

In the Customization Zone, a service will be available for visitors to embroider text in the "Doraemon" font, as well as character designs of their choosing, onto exclusive items like bags, towels, and hoodies.
You can create an original item just for yourself, a matching one with a friend, or even the perfect gift for a loved one.

In the Shop Zone, you can find many original goods such as all 45 different types of the "Doraemon Character Mug", which can only be obtained at the Doraemon Future Department Store.
Additionally, there is a dedicated book corner where you can find "Doraemon" comics, as well as a plethora of other "Doraemon" themed books. The store aims to become the largest seller of Doraemon books in the world with this extensive lineup..

Doraemon Future Department Store is now open at DiverCity Tokyo Plaza 2F in Odaiba, Tokyo. For more details, visit the official website.

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