A year-end special of the TV anime series “Doraemon” will be broadcast on Dec. 28, 2019. One of the two episodes, “Nezumidoshi Dayo! Doraemon” (Here comes the year of the mouse!), is a story about Doraemon making a historic settlement with his natural enemy, mice.

Everyone knows that Doraemon is afraid of mice. He faints when he sees one, runs all over the house to get away, and even starts attacking them with over-powered weapons. We've seen so many fierce battles…

In “Nezumidoshi Dayo! Doraemon” which will be broadcast on Dec. 28, Doraemon uses “Nigate Tacchi Baton” (Repulsion Baton Pass) to pass his fear of mice to Nobita.
Doraemon is no longer afraid of mice and makes a settlement with a mouse and gets along with it so well that he even starts to call it his friend.
What will happen to Doraemon's friendship with the mouse? How will Nobita cope with the fear of mice he received from Doraemon?
This will be a historic episode since the year of the mouse only comes around once every 12 years.

The two episodes of the year-end special of “Doraemon” is; “Nezumidohi Dayo! Doraemon” and “Detekuru Detekuru Otoshidama” (Lots and lots of new years' money). The broadcast starts at 5 pm on Dec. 28.
By the way, the broadcast of the week before on Dec. 21 will be a Christmas special featuring “Taimu Wa-pu de Purezento wo” (A present through a time warp) and “Kurisumasu ni Yuki wo” (Let there be snow on Christmas day).

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