The 5th collaboration between “Touken Danshi” (lit. sword men) from “Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-” and Nippon Kodo, Japanese traditional brand of incense, is arrived. Preorders are currently available at “Premium Bandai”, the Bandai official shopping website.

“Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- × Nippon Kodo Incense” is the 5th collaboration with Nippon Kodo featuring a set of incense and incense holder based on the image of characters from “Token Ranbu -ONLINE-”; Hizen Tadahiro, Kogitsunemaru, Uguisumaru, Horikawa Kunihiro and Taikogane Sadamune.

The incense is made using a traditional technique that Nippon Kodo has inherited for more than 440 years since the Tenshou era. A particular incense is selected for every character in order to suit their images, such as the balsam for Hizen Tadahiro and the green tea for Uguisumaru. An incense holder made of tin is also included, which design features the family crest of each Touken Danshi.

“Touken Ranbu-ONLINE-×Nippon Kodo Incense Hizen Tadahiro/Kogitsunemaru/Uguisumaru/Horikawa Kunihiro/ Taikogane Sadamune” is priced at 4,400JPY (tax included). Preorders are available for a limited number of presales at “Premium Bandai”, the Bandai official shopping website, while shipping is scheduled for Mar. 2020.
In addition, a product exhibition will be held at 11 stores managed directly by Nippon Kodo from Jan. 13 to Jan. 21.

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