“Detective Conan” will join ‘Universal Cool Japan 2022’, an event held by ‘Universal Studio Japan (known as USJ)’. Visitors will be able to enjoy the world of Detective Conan through four attractions including “Detective Conan the Escape”, which is coming back for the first time in two years.

Universal Cool Japan is an event that presents Japan’s five representative contents. In addition to part 1 “Monster Hunter World: ICEBORN XR WALK” and part 2 “HUNTER×HUNTER”, USJ has announced “Detective Conan World” for ‘Universal Cool Japan 2022’.

This year, ‘Detective Conan the Escape’, a popular real escape room that receives 99% satisfaction rate every time, will be back for the first time in two years. ‘Detective Conan × Hollywood Dream the Ride’ allows visitors to experience the world of the story and the speed of the ride, with sound effects and characters’ voices whispering. ‘Detective Conan Mystery Challenge’ is a real detective experience where visitors solve cases in the park. ‘Detective Conan Mystery Restaurant’ is a “Food × Mystery” experience with high popularity. In addition, Conan Edogawa will appear in every case to commemorate the 5th collaboration, which is the first time and the most in history with USJ.

‘Detective Conan World’ will be held from March 4th, 2022 until August 28th at ‘USJ’. Visit the special website for more information.

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