In commemoration of the release of the picture book of “Chibi Maruko-chan” and “Cojicoji”, “Picture Book MaruCoji”, the first collaboration cafe & fair will be held. The menu at “Maruko and Cojicoji Cafe” and the goods sold at “Maruko and Cojicoji Fair” have been released.

At the collaboration cafe “Maruko & Cojicoji Cafe”, the dreamy adventures of Maruko and Cojicoji are depicted in the dishes. The menu is full of dishes, desserts, and drinks exclusive to this cafe.

“Summer Menu: Taiyou no Kuni no Ousama no Maki” (The king of the kingdom of the sun) is a plate with mild keema curry full of vegetables and french toast made from fresh eggs and milk, with some pumpkin-flavored mashed potatoes in the shape of sunflowers and a letter the two wrote for the king.

“Chocolate Cake: Samui Asa no Ohanashi no Maki” (A tale of one chilly morning) is a moist chocolate cake with some fragrant mango custard on the top.

“Parfait Drink: Onigiri Seijin to Hoshimatsuri no Maki” (Onigiri alien and the star festival) is a parfait drink inspired by the Milky Way.
Under the jello is full of fruits, cream, and vanilla ice cream, and the juice has cream cheese in it.

At the “Maruko and Cojicoji Fair”, they will have over 60 items inspired by the two works such as; tin badges, pouches, notepads, etc.
They also have an original shopping bag as a special gift for those who buy over 2,000JPY worth of goods.

“Maruko & Cojicoji Cafe” will be open at “Sunday Brunch Ginza” from Jan. 31 to Jul. 31, 2020.
“Maruko and Cojicoji Fair” will be held at “Kiddy Land” and other shops from Jan. 24 to Feb. 21, 2020.

(C)Sakura Momoko (C)Sakura Production