Commemorating the release of the picture books inspired by Sakura Momoko's works, “Chibi Maruko-chan” and “Coji-Coji” called “Maru Coji the Picture Book”, the collaboration cafe and the fair is held for the first time.
At “MARUKO & COJICOJI CAFE”, dishes inspired by the world of the picture book, and at “Maruko and Coji-Coji Fair”, the goods with artworks from the picture book will be sold.

“MaruCoji the Picture Book” was a serialized illustrated story by Sakura Momoko in 1992, full of heart-warming stories with beautiful coloring. It was her first challenge to reach out to children too young to read comic books.
“Maru Coji the Picture Book”: The Adventure of Chibi Maruko-chan and Coji-Coji” is the first book of the series with a total of 4 books, and 6 stories from April to September are included. It will be on sale together with “Maru Coji the Picture Book 2:The Walk with Chibi Maruko-chan and Coji-Coji” on Jan. 24, 2020.

At the sale event of goods with designs from “Maru Coji the Picture Book” called “Maruko and Coji-Coji Fair”, more than 60 goods inspired by the picture book will be sold.
Additionally, at the collaboration cafe, “MARUKO & COJICOJI CAFE”, fantastic adventures of Maruko and Coji-Coji in the books are designed beautifully on the plates, and there are several dishes which are only available at the cafe.
Inside the cafe there is a tapestry of the design from the picture book, and other features are designed to describe the worldof Sakura Momoko, and goods of “Maruko and Coji-Coji” will be sold as well.

“Maruko and Coji-Coji Fair” will be held in 10 Kiddy Land stores and others with a limited period of Jan. 24, 2020 to Feb. 21.
“MARUKO & COJICOJI CAFE” will be held in Sunday Brunch Ginza from Jan. 31, 2020 to Jul. 31.

“Maruko and Coji-Coji Fair”

(C) Sakura Momoko (C) Sakura Production