Jan. 6 is Yashiro Taku's birthday.
He debuted as a voice actor in the 2010s and received the Male Rookie Award at the 12th Voice Actor Awards.

In 2019, he voiced the main characters of “Domestic Girlfriend” and “KING OF PRISM -Shiny Seven Stars-“. He also drew attention with his photos in “TV Guide VOICE STARS vol.10” taken by the world-famous photographer, Leslie Kee.

Here at Anime!Anime!, we had a survey asking “Which is your favorite character voiced by Yashiro Taku?” to celebrate his birthday. We received 89 votes during the voting period from Dec. 17 to 24.
The gender ratio was 15% male, 85% female with mainly female respondents, and the age group was on the lower side with 35% being under 19, and 50% being in their 20s.

■The top 3 were taken by idols!

The most popular was Kashiwagi Tsubasa from “THE IDOL M@STER SideM” with 20% of the vote.

The ex-pilot idol, Kashiwagi Tsubasa received comments saying “Yashiro-kun's voice best fits the kind and gentle yet sometimes strong-willed character of Tsubasa. I truly believe Yashiro-kun was a great choice for Kashiwagi Tsubasa.” and “I love the balance of Tsubasa's childish cuteness and mature manliness.”
There were also comments about his on-stage performance such as, “Every time I see him on stage, it seems as if Tsubasa is standing right beside Yashiro-san. It makes me happy that he is taking Tsubasa, as an idol, so seriously.”

Coming in 2nd was Juuouin Kakeru from “KING OF PRISM” with 15 % of the vote.

Juuouin Kakeru, the Prism Star candidate, received comments saying “He always acts shallow, but actually has a sincere passion towards his work, the Prism Show, and his group.”, and “I love the gap of him hiding his earnest self.”

Teramitsu Haruhi from “B-PROJECT” took 3rd place with 10% of the vote.

Teramitsu Haruhi, a member of KiLLER KiNG was popular for his “good chemistry with his brother, Yuzuki”, “refreshing looks”, and his odd “love of butts”.

■Here are some other comments
“He's cool and cute with much care for his friends, and I can't resist his tsundere!” for Maki Keita from “Stand My Heroes PIECE OF TRUTH”

“He destroyed his image in a good way by not using his usual soft voice. Though he was a villain, he's a strong and cool character I love.” for Doriate from “FAIRY TAIL”.

“He's reliable and cool! His fights were very realistic.” for Azuma Naoto from “Tiger Mask W”.

“One of the characters he has been voicing since his debut. He voiced the cool big brother character so well, I couldn't believe he was a rookie in voicing and acting. The origin of Yashiro Taku-san.” for Douglas Wingate from the smartphone game, “Shironeko Project”.

A wide range of characters received votes, with the top 3 taken by idols.

■Ranking Top 10
“Which is your favorite character voiced by Yashiro Taku?”
1. Kashiwagi Tsubasa “IDOL M@STER SideM”
2. Juuouin Kakeru “KING OF PRISM” series
3. Teramitsu Haruhi “B-PROJECT” series
4. Maki Keita “Stand My Heroes PIECE OF TRUTH”
5. Azuma Naoto/Tiger Mask “Tiger Mask W”
6. Yuuki Subaru “Aikatsu Stars!”
7. Vulcan Joseph “Fire Force”
7. Fujii Natsuo “Domestic Girlfriend”
9. Douglas Wingate “Shironeko Project”
9. Brown Bess “The Thousand Musketeers”
9. Yamazaki Susumu “BAKUMATSU”

(Voting Period: Dec. 17 to Dec. 24, 2019)