Based on the series “AKIRA “, artbook containing collage art pieces as a result of a collaboration between author Otomo Katsuhiro and collage artist Kawamura Kosuke, “AKIRA ART OF WALL”, will released on Dec. 20, 2019.

The artbook comes in four collector's edition booklets as it already raised a lot of press attention from the advanced sale during the exhibit “PARCO MUSEUM TOKYO”.

This four collector's edition booklets contain the entire collection of collage art pieces based on anime/manga series “AKIRA” that were originally displayed on the fencing of the construction site of Shibuya Parco, in Tokyo.
The 22.7-meter panorama art pieces are printed in double-sided paper and bind in a ricrac style in 3 of the booklets. The fourth one contains interviews and other records from the creators Otomo and Kawamura.

Each of the booklets were specially designed by both Otomo and Kawamura. A special bonus A2 sized poster is also included.
This incredibly well-crafted artbook showcases an unprecedented art collection of AKIRA.

Otomo Katsuhiro x Kawamura Kosuke “AKIRA ART OF WALL” is priced at 10,000 (tax excluded) and available on Japan Nationwide book stores and online book stores.