“Kamen Rider Reiwa: The First Generation” promotional video along with the theme song “Another Daybreak” was released. The song conveys powerful messages from the movie.

The theme song, “Another Daybreak” sung by J x Takanori Nishikawa has the main character of both “Kamen Rider Zero One” and “Kamen Rider Zi-O”, Hiden Aruto and Tokiwa Sougo appearing in the promotional video. It depicts young Aruto's dream “Make father smile from the bottom of his heart” and Aruto's father, Hiden Soreo's dream “Building a world where HumaGears can smile from their bottom of their hearts”.

The line from Sougo “I can change the future with my strength” changes the scene. Aruto's conflict to fight to regain the original world and the bonding of Aruto with HumaGear Izu expressed in the song as “Each one's pain” and “Each one's desire”.

The messages of the promotional video tailored to convey themes of the movie like “Parent and child bonding”, “the coexistence of human and HumaGears” and “To have faith is more important than justice”.

(c) “Zero One and Zi-O” production committee