The world's largest doujinshi sales event “Comic Market 97″ was held at Tokyo Big Site (Koto Area, Tokyo) from Saturday, Dec. 28. The corporate booths took place at the Aomi Exhibition Hall and there was a large amount of visitors from the first day. Among the booths, there was one certain booth that had a large gathering of the recently popular title. It was Cygames's booth.

A total of 8 types of goods such as bags, t-shirts, etc. were sold. The goods featured were from 5 titles:”Granblue Fantasy”, “Princess Connect! Re:Dive”, “Shadowverse”, “Dragalia Lost”, and “Zombie Land Saga”.

The booth was a great success as it had lines extended out of the hall. Various advertisement banners could be seen hanging in the venue from this corporate that is prospering now. It seem that they are recruiting for new staff.