There were many anime aired and released in 2019. Many new works covering a variety of genres aired on TV, and more than 80 animated films were shown in theaters making it a successful year.

Here at Anime!Anime! we are doing our annual anime election survey. First, looking back at 2019, we are conducting a reader survey about voice actors/actresses. We are taking votes (separately for voice actors and actresses) for "Which voice actor/actress was the most active this year?" in terms of appearing in popular works and being in charge of main characters as well as "Which voice actor/actress did you support the most" for the voice actors and actresses that fans personally wanted to recommend the most. Here we present the mid-survey results.

We received votes from about 500 people during the survey period of Nov. 15 to Nov. 25. The male to female ratio was 25% male to 75% female with more female participation. The age range was about 50% under the age of 19, and about 35% in their 20s, centering the results around a younger age group.

Without further ado, here are the mid-survey results for "Which voice actress did you support the most?".

■Provisional First Place goes to Kitou Akari with fierce competition for the top spot!

1st place is Kitou Akari with 8% of the votes. In 2019, she played main characters in a wide variety of titles such as "Kimetsu no Yaiba" and "The Demon Girl Next Door". The difference in votes with second place was very slim. Keep an eye on the final result!

2nd place is Hanazawa Kana with 6% of the votes. She played characters in many works regardless of the type of media such as "The Quintessential Quintuplets", the new "Pokemon" series, as well as the currently showing "HUMAN LOST Ningen Shikkaku".

3rd place is tied between Uchida Maaya and Sawashiro Miyuki with 5% of the votes. Uchida played a main character in "The Promised Neverland" and "MIX", Sawashiro played a main character in "Gegege no Kitaro" and "LUPIN THE IIIRD: Fujiko's Lie", respectively.

The competition for "Who is the voice actress you supported the most?" is even fierce than the voice actor counterpart. It is definitely possible for the final result to be completely different. Next we will announce the mid-survey results for "Which voice actor do you think was the most active?"

■ Top 20 Ranking
「Which voice actress did you support the most in 2019? Mid-survey Results」
1. Kitou Akari
2. Hanazawa Kana
3. Uchida Maaya
3. Sawashiro Miyuki
5. Minase Inori
6. Taketatsu Ayana
7. Hayami Saori
8. Yuuki Aoi
9. Amamiya Sora
10. Kayano Ai
11. Sakura Ayane
12. Itou Miku
12. Ueda Reina
12. Morohoshi Sumire
15. Takahashi Rie
16. Ishikawa Yui
16. Kugimiya Rie
18. Iwami Manaka
18. Komatsu Mikako
18. Sakamoto Maaya

(Survey Period: Nov. 15, 2019 ~ Nov. 25, 2019)