The anime production for the Nintendo Switch's software "Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield" has been announced. With the title of "Twilight Wings", it depicts the youngsters who live in Galar region, it is made up of 7 episodes as WEB anime, and will be released from Jan. 15, 2020.

"Twilight Wings" is short 5 minute WEB anime which features several characters from "Pokemon Sword" and "Pokemon Shield", the latest series of "Pokemon". The story is set in Galar region with multiple sceneries such as peaceful rural scenes, modern town scenes, vast grasslands, and tough snow mountains. The story depicts suffering and conflict of the younster.

The anime is produced by Studio Colorido, which is known for the animation movie, "Penguin Highway". The released teaser visual describes the cities of Galar region with an approachable design with warmth, which Studio Colorido is good at. It has a slogan saying, "We took a step ahead on that day", which is a premonition of a great adventure.

The anime "Twilight Wings" are made up of 7 episodes, and will be released from Jan. 15, 2020. Each episode will be released monthly in the Pokemon official YouTube channel.

・Director: Yamashita Shingo
・Script: Kinoshita Sou
・Script Director: Kishimoto Taku
・Character Design: Ogasawara Shin
・Color Desing: Hirose Izumi
・Art Director: Takeda Yuusuke/Masuki Takamasa
・3DCG: Takahashi Masato
・Cinematographer: Ogawa Katsuto
・Audiography Director: Mima Masafumi
・Animation Production: Studio Colorido
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