It’s Uchiyama Yumi’s birthday on Oct. 30.

Uchiyama Yumi have mede her debut in 2000s. In 2019, she have taken up the protafonist roles in Laidbackers, Val×Love and performing in the Kiniro Mosaic cast voice actress band group Rhodanthe*. This year, she released the photobook “Harmony” and performed at the live event “Flying Fog Decade Memorial Live: FogFest2!”

And now, Anime! Anime! wishes a happy birthday to Uchiyama Yumi and offers a readers’ survay, “Which Character is Your Favorite?”. The questionnai had available for voting from Oct 17 to 24, and featured answers from 53 people. 60% men and 40% voted, so there were a bit more guys among her fans. 30% of voters aged 19 or less, 45% were in their 20s, so most of them were young people.

■ Top Place to Kiniro Mosaic’s Inokuma Youko, Band also Popular

The first place went to Inokuma Youko, a character of Kiniro Mosaic, supported by approx. 15% votes.

A comment mentioned Inokuma Youko as being “energetic, and brilliant at playing the straight man in joke banters”, and that is indeed what she’s like. We also received remarks saying that “she’s even the straight man in Rhodante*”, fitting in perfectly with the band at the event, and that her talking skills are amazing.

The second place was taken by Inubōzaki Fū from the anime “Yūki Yūna is a Hero”, also known as YuYuYu.
Fū, president of the Hero Club, is popular because, “despite talking irritatingly fantasy-like and having a dismissive side, she’s still cool for putting her sister and comrades above anything”, and for the way she dotes on her little sister. “1st cour episode 9 was her best performance ever”, which is of course for a Fū-centered episode, and another comment confesses, “I loved Yumi-san even more after ‘Hero Club Activity Statement'”, referring to the radio program.

Puck from “Re:Zero — Starting Life in Another World” and Chiba Erika from “The Irregular at Magic High School” share the third place with equal score.

The main character Shiba Tatsuya’s classmate Erica’s bright proactive personality was noted in a comment, “She plays the honest and open energetic girl very well.” The second cour, “Visitor Arc” has been just recently announced, and a lot of our readers were looking forward to the sequel.

Puck from “Re:Zero — Starting Life in Another World” is the main heroine Emilia’s familiar who looks like a cat. The cute performance enticed the fans: “Yumi-san had a lot of sassy roles, and this one broke that image up in a good way.”

■ Many Other Comments Out There!!

Davi from “Glitter Force: Doki-Doki” earned: “An awesome skill, playing the cool voice and the cutesy voice at once,” and: “She’d be SO knightly if she were human”. Kirishima of “Arpeggio of Blue Steel” was “badass during the battle, and so cute as teddy Yotarō. She’s awesome!”

Etoile from “The Heroic Legend of Arslan” received, “Played by the merciless fate, she still has an iron will to live nobly, and took on a male dress to become a soldier in training.”

For Mare Bello Fiore from “Overlord”, we got, “Mare’s basic natural loveliness was shown marvelously,” so a character made to crossdress also got fans’ approval.

Yes, IP’s beloved mascot-like characters like Puck, Davi, Yotarō featured in this quiz and the ranking. Thanks to this quiz, it’s clear Uchiyama Yumi has voiced a wide variety of characters — collected, hyperactive, a bit rough around the edges…

■ The Top 10
[Which Character that Uchiyama Yumi has Voiced is Your Favorite?]
#1: Inokuma Youko, “Kiniro Mosaic”
#2: Inubōzaki Fū, “Yūki Yūna is a Hero”
#3: Chiba Erika, “The Irregular at Magic High School”
#3: Puck, “Re:Zero — Starting Life in Another World”
#5: Davi, “Glitter Force: Doki-Doki”
#6: Siduri, “Fate/Grand Order — Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia”
#6: Nagi, “A Channel”
#6: Rutile, “Land of the Lustrous”
#9: Amano Onsa, “Bakuon!!”
#9: Etoile, “The Heroic Legend of Arslan”
#9: Kirishima, “Arpeggio of Blue Steel”
#9 Miyamoto Ruri, “Nisekoi: False Love”
#9: Momiji, “Good Luck Girl!”

(Quiz period: Oct 17 to 24 2019.)