A production press conference for Maeda Jun's new game "Heaven Burns Red" will be held on Feb. 28, 2020. Maeda Jun, VISUAL ARTS and Key representative Baba Takahiro, illustrator Yugen will take the platform and reveal all the details of the new work.

Maeda Jun, who released works such as "AIR", "CLANNAD", "Little Busters!", and "AngelBeats!", is in charge of the design and main scenario for "Heaven Burns Red", smartphone RPG.
Yugen is in charge of character design and main visuals. Na-Ga, Fumuyun, Maroyaka are in charge of character drafts, and Yanagi Nagi is in charge of the theme song and soundtrack.

Maeda Jun, who is in charge of design, the main scenario, and music production, will appear at the press conference on Feb. 28, 2020. VISUAL ARTS and Key representative Baba Takahiro, illustrator Yugen, and production staff will take the platform and reveal details about the work.

In order to apply for the event's priority ticket lottery, one must get the priority lottery ticket in the "Key Set" sold at Comic Market 97 which will be held from Dec. 28 to 31. More details about the "Key Set" will be later revealed on Key's official Twitter account.

The priority ticket application period will be from Dec. 28, 2019 to Jan. 15, 2020. There are plans for a general ticket application. To apply, you must be age 20 and older as of Feb. 28, 2020.

"Heaven Burns Red"

"Heaven Burns Red" Production Press Conference
Date: Feb. 28, 2020 (Friday) doors will open at 7:15 pm / event will start at 8:00 pm / event will end at 10:00 pm
Place: Somewhere (to be decided) in Tokyo
Appearances by:
Baba Takahiro (VISUAL ARTS/Key representative)
Maeda Jun (VISUAL ARTS/Key)
Yugen (illustrator) …etc
※Depending on the circumstances on the day of, the start time of the event may be a little earlier or later
※There may be changes to member appearances without notice

【Priority Tickets Lottery Application Period】
Dec. 28, 2019 (Saturday) to Jan. 15, 2020 (Wednesday) 11:59 pm
※Applicants will need a priority lottery ticket which comes in the "Key Set" sold at "Comic Market 97"

【General Tickets Application】
Details will be announced through "Heaven Burns Red" official Twitter account. Please wait for further information.

※After applying, applicants cannot change the details of their application
※Applicants must be age 20 or above by Feb. 28, 2020.
※Please apply after reading the application terms and conditions on the application form

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