Maeda Jun, who produced 『AIR』, 『CLANNAD』, 『Little Buster! 』, 『Angel Beats!』, and other animes, will be involved with a brand new game for the first time in 13 years. The new game 『Heaven Burns Red』 by Key×WFS has started development. At the same time, in the lead up towards its release in 2020, the official teaser website and official Twitter was also released.

『Heaven Burns Red』 is a highly expected new game by Maeda Jun, who produced 『AIR』, 『CLANNAD』, 『Little Buster!』, 『Angel Beats! 』, and other anime, and will be in charge of the scripts and main scenario of the new game.
Character design will be handled by Yugen with the original character design will be handled by a lineup of amazing creaters such as Na-Ga, Humuyun, and Maroyaka to celebrate the comeback of Maeda Jun.
Furthermore, by including Yanagi Nagi, who is in charge of the main theme song and soundtrack, it bring together a strong lineup able to deliver a gem RPG for iOS / Android..

On the released teaser website, you can listen to the theme song of the game, 「Before I Rise」 by Maeda Jun and Yanagi Nagi.
The website also contained comments from Maeda Jun, Yugen, and Yanagi Nagi, so please enjoy reading their passionate thoughts together with the songs.

RPG 『Heaven Burns Red』 is planned to be release on 2020 for iOS and Android.
Furthermore, in celebration of the start of production, a campaign is being held on the official Twitter account where you could get a 「Group Signature Shikishi」 of Maeda Jun, Yugen and Yanagi Nagi.

『Heaven Burns Red』
Release Date: Scheduled for release in 2020
Planner・Original Draft:Key × WFS
Scripts・Main Scenario: Maeda Jun
Character Design・Main Visual: Yugen
Original Character Design: Na-Ga/Humuyun/Maroyaka
Music Producer: Maeda Jun
Theme Songs・ Soundtrack: Maeda Jun × Yanagi Nagi