TV anime 『 Murenase! Seton Gakuen 』 will be broadcast from Jan. 6, 2020. The key visual and the first trailer are released. Along with the trailer, cast and staff were also announced. We have received comments from Kino Hina, Ishiya Haruki and Miyamoto Yume.

The key visual that has been released contains each members of the cooking club, which are Ranka, Jin, Hitomi, Yukari, Miyubi, and Kurumi, together with King, the lion gathering together and having fun in the cooking preparation room.

In the first trailer, the animals that attend Seton Gakuen appeared together with the intensive narration by Genda Tesshou . The trailer gives you a sence of the starting of the story.

Furthermore, for the announced staff, under Director Hiroshi Ikehata ( 『 Space Battleship Tiramisu 』 and 『 Kiratto Pri Chan 』 ), the animation production is handled by Studio Gokumi ( 『Kin-iro Mosaic 』 series and 『 Yuki Yuna Is a Hero 』 series ).
Names such as Murakoshi Shigeru ( 『 Zombie Land Sage 』 and 『 To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts 』 ), who will handle the series composition and script and Sasaki Masakatsu ( 『 We Never Learn 』 ), who will handle characters design, were mentioned.

The main cast are; Kino Hina ( voice of the lonely wolf girl Okami Ranka ), Ishiya Haruki ( voice of the animal hating human ( ♂ ) Mazama Jin ), and Miyamoto Yume (voice of the only human( ♀ ) in the school Hino Hitomi ).
The other cast announced were Kuno Misaki ( voice of the koala ( ♀ ) Komori Yukari ), Kohara Konomi ( voice of the sloth ( ♀ ) Shishio Miyubi ), Tokui Sora ( voice of the cat ( ♀ ) Nekomai Kurumi ), Aoyama Yoshino ( voice of the zebra ( ♀ ) Mashima Chroe ), Sugita Tomokazu ( voice of the lion ( ♂ ) Shishino King ), and Genda Tesshou ( voice of Tyrannosaurus ( ♂ ) Terano Gigasu and narrator).

TV Anime 『 Murenase! Seton Gakuen 』 will be broadcast from Jan. 6, 2020 in TOKYO MX.
A special program will also be broadcast on Animax and the manga to report on the recording drawn by the author Yamashita Bungo can be viewed at the website where the manga was published 「 Cycomi 」.

<Below are the full commentaries>
【 Kino Hina( voice of Okami Ranka) 】

Since I had read the manga, it made me really want to voice Ranka since there is a lot of situations where I shared the same feeling as Ranka and I love Ranka’s expression and words. When the cast was announced, I thought, “Ah! I will be able to voice Ranka-chan…!!It’s such an honor!” as I was overwhelmed with joy and gratefulness.
One of the main attractions of the show is the large variety of animals. Among them, I will be voicing the Hokkaido wolf, Ookami Ranka. I had a blast in making all the unique animal cries. Please enjoy the different cries in the show, there will be a lot of them.The show also has many animal facts that you might not know, so all you animal lovers will surely enjoy it. Please look forward to the unique characters! And also the mysterious relationship between humans and animals.

【 Ishiya Haruki( voice of Mazama Jin ) 】

First, this is an anime that I wish children will watch. With all the information you can get from the narration, it will be an educational and enjoyable anime for adults as well.
It’s nice there is much light cast on the animals to help you develop a deep understanding of them. I read the original manga during the first audition. My impression of Jin-kun had changed after the cast was announced and changed again after the recording of the first episode.I hope you can appreciate the difference between the manga and the anime as I did. Please enjoy the show!

【 Miyamoto Yume( voice of Hino Hitomi ) 】

During the audition, I the chance to read the manga. This is my first time in an anime that proceeds at such a good pace. It was hard for me to keep up with the lines at first during the audition but I had received some advice from the director saying, “Try reading the lines comically just as if you’re in an anime”. I tried to keep the director’s advice in mind also during the recording of the first episode while focusing on how to express the charm of Hitomi.
Having finished the recording, I believe the tempo of the lines and the fast-paced story make this anime enjoyable for both children and adults.. I hope you will enjoy it.

(C)Yamashita Bungo・Cygames/Anime 「 Murenase! Seton Gakuen 」 Production Committee