In honor of "Jewelpet"'s 10th anniversary since becoming a TV animated series, a completelynew anime "Jewelpet Attack Travel!" will be released in Feb. 2020. It will be a double feature along with original film animation "KukurireijuSanseitaidenki" set in Sichuan, China.

"Jewelpet Attack Travel!" is an adventure story about Ruby and her friends, who are magician's pets with jewels foreyes.They go on a school trip to Sichuan, China with their teacher, Iruka-sensei.

Along with familiar characters, there will be new characters who guide them to Sichuan, including a suspicious tour conductor, bus driver and bus guide from "Ottamage Tourism". Will Ruby and her friends ever reach Sichuan!? It's a completely new anime that seems to promise a lot of excitement.

"Jewelpet Attack Travel!" will be a double feature along with "Kukurireiju Sanseitaidenkii" and is scheduled to be released in Feb. 2020.

"Jewelpet Attack Travel!"
Released in Feb. 2020!

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