The new original animatioin “Skate Leading Stars” will be on broadcast in 2020 which is directed by Taniguchi Goro,the chief director of “Code Geass: The Rebellion of Lelouch.” Also Toboso Yana, the writer of “Black Butler”, is named for character design, J.C.STAFF, which was also inchage of “Toaru” series, will be responsible for anime production

Along with this, the main cast information including Uchida Uma, Furukawa Makoto, Kamiya Hiroshi and others and teaser image are also announced.

“Skate Leading Stars” is a story about a group of high school students who compete in an original group figure skating competition called “Skate Leading.” The three main characters that were announced this time includes Uchida Uma who plays Maejima Kensei, Furukawa Makoto who plays Sasugai Hayato and Kamiyama Hiroshi who plays Shinozaki Reo.
The character design has been revealed for these three high school skaters. What kind of story will happen among them… then stay tuned for more follow up news!