The title for the 4-week special of TV anime 「Detective Conan」has been decided as 「Kaiju Gomera vs Kamen Yaiba」and will be broadcast from Jan. 4, 2020. The main visual and outline of the story have also been released.

The 4-week special episode will be broadcast to celebrate the opening of the Yomiuri TV's Shinshaoku which was the model for "Nichiuri TV" that featured in 『Detective Conan: The Crimson Love Letter』 and TV special 「The Scarlet School Trip」. The original story that takes place at Nichiuri TV's new office building in Osaka, Kansai will be on air for 4 consecutive weeks.

In the first week's episode, 「Kaiju Gomera vs Kamen Yaiba (Prologue) 」, Kogoro is invited to the production presentation of 「Kaiju Gomera vs Kamen Yaiba」 that is held at Nichiuri TV's new office building in Osaka. Kogoro brings along Conan, Ran, Genta, Mitsuhiko, Ayumi, Haibara, Heiji and Kazuha to attend the event but they encounter an accident…
The newly built office building faces a bomb threat. Can the High School Detectives from the East and West protect Nichiuri TV's new office building and those people inside it?

The new opening and ending themes from Jan. 2020 have also been announced along with the musicians in charge of the songs..
The new opening theme will be 「Makka na Lip」 (Bright Red Lip) sung by WANDS while the new ending will be 「Sukoshizutsu Sukoshizutsu」 (Bit by bit) sung by SARD UNDERGROUND.

TV anime 「Detective Conan」 4-week special 「Kaiju Gomera vs Kamen Yaiba (Prologue) 」 will air on Jan. 4, 2020.
Moreover, a special event is planned in celebrationof the 4 week consecutive special episodes.

<Below are the full commentaries>
Around the time when WANDS had reunited, the members who received the request for 「Detective Conan」 began brainstorming what songs to use. We had created a few songsmatching the inspirations from Detective Conan and the new image of the reunited WANDS and the song that was chosen this time was 「Makka na Lip」.

The tempo of the songs which had various developments and progress fit the image of Conan solving the difficult case. The lyrics might sound a bit too mature for Shinichi and Ran.

Some of the members have been watching the anime series and the movies since 「Detective Conan」 started. We’d also like to talk about that another day.

It was like a dreamwhen we received the request to handle the ending theme, since 「Detective Conan」 was the anime that I watched a lot since I was young and I often hear the Conan's ending theme that was sung by ZARD.

「Sukoshizutsu Sukoshizutsu」 was completed with the unreleased lyrics by ZARD's Sakai Izumi. When I first heard the lyrics and melody, I was overwhelmed by feelings of speechlessness which made me tremble. I am really glad that this song was completed and all the Conan fans will be able to hear it.

<Program Information>
Jan. 4, 2020 (Fri) 6pm onward 「Kaiju Gomera vs Kamen Yaiba (Prologue) 」
Jan. 11, 2020 (Fri) 6pm onward 「Kaiju Gomera vs Kamen Yaiba (Conflict) 」
Jan. 18, 2020 (Fri) 6pm onward 「Kaiju Gomera vs Kamen Yaiba (Climax) 」 
Jan. 25, 2020 (Fri) 6pm onward 「Kaiju Gomera vs Kamen Yaiba (End) 」 
(※ Exclusive to some regions.)

(C)Aoyama Gosho/Shogakukan・Yomiuri TV・TMS 1996