From [Detective Conan] comes a new tote bag which made out of tweed that was made in England, the home of Sherlock Holmes, inspired by Edogawa Conan, Haibara Ai, Amuro Tooru, and Akai Shuichi. The sales will be started at “PREMICO Online Shop”.

This highlights of this item, “Case Closed BRITISH DETECTIVE England-made tweed tote bag” is the warmth and elegance of the texture, and the extravagance usage of the traditional woolen tweed that represents Britain. Each character is designed with a special tweed fabric image, printed inner lining, and a gold icon plate, as well as the use of high-quality genuine leather. This tote bag can be used for a long time.

“Edogawa Conan” design is a tartan check that makes you feels the British’s elegance. The golden plate has a keyhole motif that opens the door to the truth, and the voice changer bow tie pattern is woven repeatedly on the inner lining.

“Haibara Ai” design
is a chic Bordeaux color that is perfect for adult-like Haibara. The gold plate and inner lining of the bag are each designed with the apotoxin (APTX4869) capsule and its name.

“Amuro Tooru” design is a herringbone pattern in which various colors are intricately mixed based on the yellow brown colour, like Amuro with multiple faces. The gold plate was a “0” mark, and the inner lining are lined with bourbons, teacups and 0 marks, which are his code name.

“Akai Shuichi” design is a black and dark grey herringbone pattern, as if it can be covered in the darkness of the night, with the effectively used green colour just like Akai’s pupils. The gold plate is designed with Akai’s rifle motif, and the inner lining is designed with a sniper motif.

The price of “Detective Conan BRITISH DETECTIVE British England-made tweed tote bag” is 27,800 yen each (excluding tax and shipping).
It is now on sale at the “PREMICO Online Shop” and is scheduled to be shipped in late Dec. 2019.
(C) Aoyama Gosho / Shogakukan / Yomiuri Television / TMS 1996