The 4th volume of the official spin-off manga “Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time” where the popular character of “Detective Conan” Amuro Toru is the protagonist, is going on sale on Nov. 18. To commemorate it, the first “Zero’s Tea Time” novelty project is slated to launch. An exclusive sticker will feature Amuro’s subordinate Kazami Yuya and his beloved dog, Haro.

In this project, dubbed “Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time Triple Face Sticker Fair”, “Triple Face Stickers”, the first novelty item of the series, become available upon purchase of the relevant volumes of such as
“Detective Conan” that got pupular because of the apperance of Matsuda and Date in “Zero’s Tea Time” and “Detective Concan: Wild Police Story” and “Detective Conan: Hanzawa the Criminal”, a spin-off where the villain is the protagonist.

Among the distributed stickers, there will be Agent Kazami Yuya, the subordinate officer of Amuro Toru aka. Furuya Rei, and Amuro’s favourite dog Haro that appears from this spin-off work. Aside from those, there will be stamp and traffic sign shaped stickers, 9 variants in total.

“Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time Triple Face Sticker Fair” opens on Nov. 8, 2019 in all participating bookstores across Japan, the list of which is available on the dedicated website.

Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time Triple Face Sticker Fair