Voice Actor Toki Shunichi has been named ambassador for anime and game space “MAZARIA”, which is operated by Bandai Namco Amusement Ltd. Toki will participate in many different activities at “MAZARIA” over the next two months, including filming his experiences at the space, and taking on the voice acting for the in-store narration.

Toki’s role as “MAZARIA”‘s ambassador will run from Nov. 18, 2019 to Jan. 19th, 2020. In the report video that was released, Toki’s message upon being named ambassador, a demonstration of the “MAZARIA” experience, and a look at the creation of the space are included.

In addition, the in-store narration of the “Beginning Room” will be a version narrated by Toki for a limited time. Moreover, in commemoration of Toki Shunichi’s announcement as ambassador, a limited time photo exhibit, “Cafe & Bar SPECIAL FLAG” has been set up. This exhibit will have “Toki Shunichi’s Recommended Ambassador Set”, containing “Signed Ambassador Business Cards” for sale, alongside other planned events.

Please see Shunichi’s comments below!

【「MAZARIA」 Ambassador:Toki Shunichi】

Hello everyone, I am Toki Shunichi, and I have been named ambassador of MAZARIA. As VR amusement park that allows visitors to enter the world of anime and games, this space also helps anime voice actors such as myself on a daily basis. I am extremely honored to be named an ambassador.