「Miyu-Miyu-」 is the title of i☆Ris member Kubota Miyu's 1st photo book (on sale Dec. 16). The cover has also been revealed with a comment from Kubota herself.

Kubota Miyu is a member of i☆Ris, a hybrid unit that does both voice acting and idol activities. As a voice actor, she is known for her roles as Medusa in "Dropkick on my Devil!" and as Moegi Emo in "Kiratto Pri Chan".

With only less than a month until her 1st photo book goes on sale, the title and cover have just been decided. She said confidently that the cover, "turned out exactly as I imagined" and also commented, "Please pick it up and take a look!" while expressing her joy as the 1st photo book of her dreams was completed.

In addition, a book signing event is planned for Jan. 25, 2020, which is close to Kubota's birthday, to commemorate her 1st photo book so fans will definitely want to check for that.

Kubota Miyu's 1st photo book 「Miyu-Miyu-」 will be ¥3000 (tax not included) and will be on sale on Dec. 16, 2019 at nationwide bookstores, online bookstores, and other places as well as TOKYO NEWS magazine&mook.

<Her full comment as follows>
"I thought 'Oh!' because the shot of me brushing my teeth was used for the Amazon limited cover edition. It's a cover where I'm barely wearing any makeup (laughs). For the normal edition where I'm wearing a yellow outfit, it turned out exactly how I imagined. This is the photobook I've been saying I want to do for a long time. If it sells well, then there will also be round 2?! Please pick it up and take a look!"

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