The final music video of the 「Six Music Video Continuous Release Project – Second Shot」 from 「Lapis Re:LiGHTS ~ Kono Sekai No Aidoru Wa Mahou Ga Tsukaeru~」 has been released. In the music video, a collaboration with “Not-116”, creators of works like the 「Fate Grand Order」 television commercial, viewers are dazzled by 「LiGHTs」 infinite radiance as they sing the song 「Polaris」.

「Lapis Re:LiGHTS ~ Kono Sekai No Aidoru Wa Mahou Ga Tsukaeru~」 is a mixed project between KLab and Kadokawa that focuses on the theme of 「Magic」 x [Idol」.
The 「Six Music Video Continuous Release Project – Second Shot」 event had each unit release a new music video on the Lapis Re:LiGHTS Official Youtube Channel.

The newly released music video features the unit, 「LiGHTs」, the next generation of royalty, and their leader Tiara, delivering upbeat and positive smiles. Throughout the 「Polaris」music video, the girls are lit up by the brighest stars in the night sky.

Not-116 explained that, “We crafted the video to match the positive and upbeat song and LiGHTs image. It was made to appear to change from day to night by way of using magic. Of course, they are idols, so we also wanted the last music video to have colorful falling cherry blossoms and to be shining with light while they are joyously singing. They are very cute characters even when they are standing still, but we wanted to give them more life-like expressions in the music video, so we also made a point of moving all of the different parts of their faces.”

It is a work that makes one feel like taking a new first step into the future while being illuminated by endless sparkles. Moreover, there are also new illustrations being used in the video. We hope that you feel at one with this charming world.

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