The 3rd VR concert, 「Lapis Re:LiGHTs VR Magic Live ~First Magic Act~ in cluster」 from 『Lapis Re:LiGHTs ~The “idols” don’t only sing, they use magic too. Do you believe in Idols? ~』 was held on Oct. 5, 2019.

The performers were Ratura (CV: Hayase Yukimi), Champe (CV: Hirose Seika) and Marryberry (CV: Akao Hikaru) from Sugar Pockets. The charm point of this unit is their pop-ness and cuteness just like a toy box. Their entertainment to make everyone smile was delivered from the shining orchestra (the concert by 「Lapis Re:LiGHTs」).

Sadistic★Candy’s orchestra was recreated with magic

Firstly, the 2nd VR concertof Sadistic★Candy’s orchestra held on Sep. 22, 2019 was recreated using magic. The equipment needed for this magic was created personally by the genius inventor, Marryberry.

Since Ratura saw the performance as part of the audience previously, she mentioned that she had received a lot of joy from the performance and said, 「Tonight, Sugars Pockets will make all the teachers(audiences) happy」 while feeling motivated.

The call and response is Cabaret style

Sugar Pockets appeared in a cheerful manner. Ratura and Champe was able to greet everyone smoothly but Marryberry was the only one who was embarrassed.

Since Marryberry is not good at socializing, she will often use the “Berry Board”, an item that will automatically convert her emotions into her voice, when she is doing the MC. Unfortunately, this time her board malfunctioned, so she had no choice but to use her own voice to talk.
Despite having some difficulties, Marryberry greeted everyone earnestly. Towards that courageous act, the audience from the live streaming kept on commenting 「Cute!」.

Ratura mentioned that she would like a call & response session since this is an orchestra. Right after that, Champe immediately gave out a rousing call.
Champe declared 「A newcomer had entered! 」 with a smile as if it will burst open. The familiar appearance of her, said to be the No. 1 of the soothing part of the town, Cabaret, got the audience fired up.

But the call was slowly going sidetrack from the orchestra , so Ratura tried to stop it in a hurry, bringing them back on track.

The point of the self-introduction is just for going along with a joke?

After everything had gone back to normal, it was the time for the self-introduction. They introduced their profile, talent etc. with the order of Ratura, Champe and Marryberry.

While doing the self-introduction, the important point is to go along with the joke. Their personality can be seen from the joke as Ratura is the orthodox type, Champe is the cunningly dodgy type and Marryberry is the shy type.

It feels like our hearts will get stolen! The orchestra is to cheer everyone up

The music finally started after Ratura declared 「We will steal everyone’s hearts! 」. When the cute song 「Chat Noir」, which means black cat, was streamed, they showed their smiles naturally while doing a cute choreography of the cat’s front paw.

The stage had turned into a pastel color through magic which is suitable for the lyrics that makes you think of a mischievous yet charming cat.

At the end of the song, the silhouette of a cat can be seen with illustrations featuring a paw mark, hand-drawn clouds etc. , making it feel like we are taking a stroll together with it.

The orchestra that is filled with pop-ness befitting of Sugar Pockets had unknowingly stole our hearts away.

「This stage is my home」

After the song, Marryberry became excited at some point. Right after, Ratura said, 「Your shut-in personality had been cured? 」, Marryberry replied 「Marry, there’s a limitover limit」 causing her to remain silent as if she is out of battery.

The leftover two members managed the show with some light talk until Marryberry was revived. Ratura thanked the audience and expressed her future thoughts, 「I will do my best to be the witch that all the teachers will support.」.
Champe was able to feel the amplification magic from the audiences’ cheers. As a response to that, she said 「This is a place where it can make everyone smile.」.

Right after that, Marryberry had revived and she commented after realizing that she is in the middle of an orchestra. Despite being a shut-in that rarely goes out, she say 「This stageis like a home to Merry. I want to remain a shut-in here forever」 with a smile.

Fashion is also one of the highlights of the hand-shaking session

After that, the hand-shaking session, which is a custom for the VR concert, had started. Among cluster’s participants, 5 people will be selected to be able to shake hands with the members.
The first person who got selected was a user with unique cat ears. Ratura, who handled the clothing design of Sugar Pockets, commented 「The cat ears are so cute!」.
Toward the rest of the participants, her comments such as 「This look like Sugar Pockets’s clothes.」 and 「This look like a school uniform」 were inexhaustible. The fashion check had become one of the highlights of the hand-shaking session.

It ended with a commemoration photo of the three members, which will be kept to commemorate this orchestra.

The farewell is 「See you later」

The farewell greeting is the positive words that is also befitting of Sugar Pockets. They shouted, 「See you later」 filled with their hope of coming back to this stage which is their home.

The entertainment that cause the audience to smile naturally. That is an orchestra that I am able to feel the Sugar Pockets’s charm.

This archive of the orchestra that was introduced this time can be viewed at Lapis Re:LiGHTs YouTube Official Channel and cluster official website.

IV Klore, Konohana wa Otome and LiGHTs will be expected to make an appearance soon in 「Lapis Re:LiGHTs VR Magic Live ~First Magic Act~ in cluster。」. As long as you have a computer or a smartphone, you can watch it for free. I hope that you can witness the orchestra which is fill with the uniqueness of the unit.

The future streaming can be seen here

『Lapis Re:LiGHTs ~The “idols” don’t only sing, they use magic too. Do you believe in Idols? ~』
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