The smartphone RPG “Lapis Re:Lights” has exceeded 300k downloads. To commemorate this, an original illustration was revealed along with the information on the “Login Bonus Event” that will start on January 19, 2022.

“Lapis Re:Lights” is a media mix project with the theme of “Magic” X “Idol”. The TV anime started broadcasting in July 2020.
The game “Lapis Re:Lights” is an RPG featuring the player, as a teacher, enjoying and growing together with the 20 “witches”, which are young girls that have an idol-like existence and fight using magic songs in another world.

To commemorate the 300k downloads of this game, an original illustration was revealed. And the “Login Bonus Event” will start on January 19, 2022, where gorgeous gifts will be given upon logging in to the game for 5 days.

【Event Period】
4:00 AM, January 19, 2022 (Tentatively) ~ 3:59 AM, January 26, 2022

【Gift Detail】
1st Day: 150,000 Flora Coins
2nd Day: 100 Skip Tickets
3rd Day: 20 Pure Pyroxene (For Leveling Purpose)
4th Day: 200,000 Flora Coin
5th Day: 350 Kishouseki (Free) (For Summon, etc.)

Also, the time-limited event “Habatake Sky Stage! ~Sora kara no Okurimono~” (Soaring Sky Stage! The Sky’s Gift) is currently being held since January 13, 2022.

The “Aozora Summon 1st Half” (Blue Sky Summon 1st Half) is special summon that features the time-imited UR Tsubaki: “Saikou no Kaihoukan” (The Greatest Spaciousness) with a higher rate. Moreover, for the 10 consecutive summons, at least one SSR or above rarity card can be obtained.
Also, UR Tsubaki: “Saikou no Kaihoukan” will have a status buff in the event “Habatake Sky Stage! ~Sora kara no Okurimono~”.
The latest UR card of Maryberry will appear in “Aozora Summon 2nd Half”, and date will be announced later in the game’s announcement.

“Aozora no Ochakai” (Blue Sky’s Tea Party) is a story event, where players challenge the strong event boss after collecting the Ochakai’s Key (Tea Party’s Key) from the event quest.
After defeating the event boss, the lottery tickets can be used to get gorgeous rewards, including the event-limited UR Tiara. So, do your best in collecting tickets. The event limited stories are also available for this event.
Furthermore, the UR card that was featured in “Aozora Summon 1st Half” and the UR card that is obtained from this event will have a status buff during the battle of this event.
Please check the game’s announcement for more information on this time-limited event.

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