The music video for “Knockin’ on baby” by “Sugar Pockets” has been released as the 5th song of the “6 continuous MV release project 2” by “Lapis Re:Lights -This world’s idols can use magic-“. The video is a collaboration with video creator “Hanaken” and watching it will cheer you up.

“Lapis Re:Lights -This world’s idols can use magic-” is a media mix project with a theme of Magic x Idol by KLab and KADOKAWA.
They are now releasing new music videos on their official YouTube channel – “Lapis:ReLiGHTs Official Channel” under “6 continuous MV release project 2”.

On this occasion the music video for “knockin’ on baby”, a love song cheerful like the summer sun, by “Sugar Pockets”, a group cute and pop like a toy box, has been released.

The video is a collaboration with “Hanaken”, famous for creating the music videos of “Haiboku Hero” by Colon, “Treasure” by Kenken Croissant, and “Me singing ‘Aikotoba III'” by Hyakki Ayame (Vtuber). The white clouds in the blue summer sky and the infinite sunflowers waving will cheer you up just from watching this video. There are new illustrations just for this video, so please enjoy them along with the charming style of the video.

Next music video to be released will be “Polaris” by “LiGHTs” which will also be the last one under “6 continuous MV release project 2”.

◆「knockin’ on baby」
Lyrics: Kubyou Amu Music: Ono Takamitsu Arrangement: Tamaki Chihiro
Video Creation: Hanaken
Film Director: Scotch

In our next article, we will reveal the last music video of this song,
◆LiGHTs “Polaris”
Lyrics:Narucho Music and Arrangement: Sato Yosuke
※Please note that there may be a sudden change in plans.

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