Manga artist Tsukushi Akihito known for his work "Made in Abyss" and Producer Fukuhara Yoshitada from Yaoyorozu, who directed "Kemono Friends" will join anime project "Mokuri".
The project started a crowd funding at "Makuake" on Nov.17.
They aim at a new style of anime creation not depending on the production Committee's traditional style, and recruiting "pioneers", who can create the world of "Mokuri"(=supporter) together.

"Mokuri" was originally a character created for the VR before the VR boom happened. It was also created and distributed by the VR legal person "HIKKY"'s Art Director, Sawae Mika, who is the project manager, and the manga artist of "Made in Abyss", Tsukushi Akihito, who handled the character design, as "a character model created just for the avatar in the VR world" and a few hundreds of the sub-type Mokuri, "Laser Mokuri" had also existed. This project launched recently embraces the ideas and opinion from fun fiction, its settings, characters and online meetings by "Pioneers".
Their plan is to create a road trip story by an enthusiastic creator "Mokuri" and mysterious creature "Inoi" through "Anime creation with everybody's cooperation", allowing users to have a say on the world and stories.

In addition to Sawa Emika and Tsukushi Akihito, Fukuhara Yoshitada from Yaoyorozu, who directed "Kemono Friends", joins the project as general producer , Nozawa tetsuya known for "GUNCY'S" joins as CG producer/technical director, and CEO of "HIKKY" Hunakoshi Yasushi as executive producer.
They declared to challenge for "one flow creation of anime all by themselves","Managing all the rights and allowing fun fiction" and "Creating the work in their works with users by allowing them to join some sections in creation".

The incentives for "pioneers" are right to view the production journal and participation in the online meetings, which allows them to know the confidential newest information.
In addition, "Pioneers" can use illustrations, Manga, 3D modeling, Cosplay, and figures etc… from "Mokuri" to make fun fiction.

"Mokuri" Anime creation project will continue till Jan.30, 2020.
Check the crowd funding page of "Mokuri" for detail.

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