"Dogo REBORN project", which is the collaboration of Manga "Phoenix" by Tezuka Osamu and Dogo Onsen main branch in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, announced the production of the sequel to the original anime “Phoenix Dogo Onsen Edition”.
The mayor of Matsuyama City Noshi Katsuhito, CEO of PONY CANYON INC. Yoshimura Takashi and Actor Itao Itsuji, who will appear in episode 3, were on stage at the production launch conference held on Nov. 8. Voice Actor Fukuyama Jun sent a comment to the conference and introduced the main characters and casts in episode 2 and 3.

"Dogo REBORN project" aims at gathering tourists attention to Dogo Onsen main branch in the middle of reconstruction through the collaboration with "Phonix" Teduka Osamu put his life into.
Dogo Onsen main branch is the first public bath that was elected as an important cultural property.
By creating and releasing the premium contents exclusive for the period when the building is under reconstruction, the project tries to convey the cultural and historical value of Dogo Onsen main branch both domestically and internationally.

“Phoenix Dogo Onsen Edition” was made into Anime in order to depict the people's hard-working like to support Dogo Onsen through different eras. It is a light touch animation and tells the history and climate in Dogo Onsen. The prologue and episode one is released now.

The sequel that was announced at the production launch conference has two more episodes. Episode 2 "Shiki and Soseki" is set in the Meiji era and the filnal episode "To the Future" is set in the future.
As for voice actors, in episode 2, Tsuro Takeshi acts for Landlord Isaniwa Yukiya, Mimori Suzuko for Sukunabikona Sakamoto Matahachiro, Fukuyama Jun for Masaoka Shiki, Tachibana Shinnosuke for Natsume Soseki, Mizuki Nana for Phoenix and Tomochika for Madonna・narration. In episode 3, Itao Kushiro plays Ippen shounin.
Fukuyama made a comment that it is his honor to act with Tachibana for the story made by close friendship between Masaoka Shiki and Natsume Soseki.
Tachibana is the CEO of the agent Fukuyama belongs to and they are old friend.

Episode 2 "Shiki and Soseki" will be released onFeb. 1, 2020and episode 3 "To the Future" will be in 2020. Both of them will be available for free on "Dogo REBORN project" official website.