The release date of the boy's love comic, 「Sekaiichi Hatsukoi」's latest anime, 「Sekaiichi Hatsukoi ~Proposal Chapter~」 was announced. It was disclosed that thescreening event will be held in the cinema on Feb. 2020

The original works of 『Sekaiichi Hatsukoi』 is a boy's love comic written by Nakamura Shungiku. The story takes place in the girl's comic editing department andit is a first love storywhich will bring tears and laughter, about the super capable tyranny editor-in-chief and the competitive rookie editor. The TV anime was broadcast in 2011 when the first season was broadcast in April while the second season was inOctober, and the casts are Kondou Takashi ,who voiced Onodera Ritsu and Konishi Katsuyuki,who voiced Takano Masamune.

Moreover, the theme song for this new works will be performedby Kita Shuuhei ,who had alsoworked for the previous TV and movie version.

(C)Nakamura Shungiku /KADOKAWA/Sekaiichi Love!!2020