The game “Kemono Friends 3” has been currently collaborating with “Tezuka Osamu Characters”. The story of the scenario event “Wind Lost Child and Burning Feather” featuring Firebird and Unico has now been revealed.

The app version of “Kemono Friends 3” is a completely original story set in Japari Park. The Jabari Park Security Investigation Team, a.k.a. the Explorers, will explore various locations in order to protect the park from the rapidly increasing number of Celliens.
In the arcade version of “Kemono Friends 3: Planet Tours,” illustrations obtained from the app version of “Kemono Friends 3” can be printed by game cabinets in a game center to obtain real cards.

The “Tezuka Osamu Characters” collaboration event has been currently held from February 26 to March 12 at 2 pm. You can not only enjoy the scenario event “Wind Lost Child and Burning Feather”, but also the limited time gacha “Wind Lost Child and Burning Feather: Step up Invitation”, in which the probability of appearance of new Friend 4☆ “Firebird” and 4☆ “Unico” is increased.

In the first episode of “Wind Lost Child and Burning Feather”, “The Customer Who Has A Single Horn”, Explorers come to investigate some strange phenomenon in the western forest and meet a stranger Friend named Unico in the forest.

Unico, who happens to help Explorers, defeats the Celliens one after another in contrast to the powerlessness she felt when she met them in the forest. She says that her newfound strength comes from “everyone in Explorers,” but what does she mean by that ……?

Unico, who can use magic powers, and the phoenix Firebird. How would the new Friends, which started with the work of Tezuka Osamu, do?

(C) Kemono Friends Project 2G (C) SEGA