Music video of the new song “Butterfly” sung by “IV KLORE” was released as the third song of “MV6 serial release project No.2” for 『Lapis Re:lights~Idols in this world can use magic~』. The video is a collaboration work with the popular video creator “Shun” which gives it an attractive gothic worldview.

『Lapis Re:lights~Idols in this world can use magic~』is a media mix project by KLab and KADOKAWA with the theme of 「Magic」×「Idol」.
Currently, the channel 「Lapis Re:lights Official Channel」 on Youtube is having its second “MV6 serial release project” which will be releasing new music videos for each unit sequentially.

The music video for the up-tempo ballad 「Butterfly」 accompanied with impressive stringed instruments by the gothic demi-human unit 「IV KLORE」 with their mysterious charm has been released.

The video was produced in collaboration with 「Beautiful Fiction」 PinocchioP, 「Nhelv」 Silentroom MV, 「Magical Mirai」 video productions along with Shun. The process of love sprouting is depicted with butterflies flapping endlessly into the sky. Newly drawn illustrations were also used, giving it an attractive world view to marvel at.

Furthermore, coming up next in the “MV6 series public release project 2nd”, music video 「Dedicating my first love to this flower」 of 「This Flower Is A Maiden」 will be released for the first time on 『Lapis Re:lights Magical Broadcast Club』 on Nov. 3, 2019.

Lyrics: Isogai Yoshie
Composition: Ono Takamitsu
Arrangement: Tamaki Chihiro
Video Production: Shun
Logo Design: Shiroshi (城士)
Video Director: Scotch (すこっち)

In the future, music videos of the following songs will be released in sequence.

◆This Flower Is a Maiden「Dedicating my first love to this flower」
Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement:adstlaxy

◆Sugar Pockets 「knockin’ on baby」
Lyrics: Kubyou Amu
Composition: Ono Takamitsu
Arrangement: Tamaki Chihiro

◆LiGHTs 「Polaris」
Lyrics: Narucho
Composition / Arrangement: 4sk / Satou Yousuke

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