Sanrio appeals to those who stan their favorite character with the new 「Sanrio Character Heart Throbbing Stan Goods」 for you to carry aroundand protect your Sanrio Stan merchandise. Advanced launch will be on Nov. 8, and general sales will open on Nov. 27.

The term "stan" refers to your favorite character or actor from anime, games, and theatrical performances, and when fans collect a lot of goods of their stans, it is called "stanning."
「Sanrio Character Heart Throbbing Stan Goods」 are more things to collect and enjoy, with all of the familiar characters appearing on can badge covers, acrylic key holder covers, card holders, and plushy pouches.

Hello Kitty, My Melody, Little Twin Stars (Kiki and Lala), Pompompurin, Cinnamoroll, and Pochaco are the 6 characters that will appear as 「Can Badge Covers」 , with a 7th still in development.
You can set your stans as can badges in these holders, and your Sanrio favorites can cover the badges like a hood– they conveniently provide both protection and decoration. The covers can fit can badges that are up to 57mm in diameter.

「Card Holders」 can hold up to 32 total goods, such as the can badges, acrylic key holders, and other goods, to store and protect your stanned characters' goods. You can carry your 「Stanning Goods」 to fan meetups safely.

Advanced launch for 「Sanrio Character Heart Throbbing Stan Goods」 will be on Nov. 8th at Ikebukuro Sanrio Shop, and the general sales will open on Nov. 27 across Japan's Sanrio Shops, Sanrio Corners, and through the Sanrio Online Shop.